I finally got there sailing our bedroom floor it’s taking a lot longer than she’ll be done it should have been much easier than it has been, and in today’s post, I will tell you exactly what happened, what went wrong and how you can achieve the perfect finish or any engineer know or another wood floor that you want to stay.

Now how I did it the things coming up  now to stain the seal my floor, I decided to stick with the winning formula I used a few years ago in my bathroom which is color time stain from treat X combined with the hard wax oil can. It clears Matt and I love to treat X because despite all the heavy traffic it gets three years down the line the bathroom floor looks as good as the day it was stained. We’ve got two different shades of Evany and antique.
Why? Before I get to it and just to run through a few other features you can use it on most timbers on most internal wood surfaces including floors stairs doors furniture worktops no point five-liter covers approximately ten square meters.

It’s a stain, not a finish so you do need a hard wax oil final coat, and it’s manufactured on the base of natural sustainable raw materials forever. So nice mellow hat while I was trying to apply the stain they recommend a lint-free cloth but you get through far too much lint-free cloth if you were to do that because there’s a lot of residues to remove.  That’s why I recommend good old-fashioned toilet roll and keep in line at handy to perform the same sort of tissue in as you go disposable latex gloves are an absolute must for messy jobs like this.


I’ve got a mini roller tray roller and roller sleeve and I’m using simulated mohair rollers for this job. I will go smooth water stain and you do need to remove the stain as you go. You don’t want to be doing huge areas at on

e go, but you might with a larger floor or do the job quicker want to upgrade to something like  a nine-inch wide roller. Let’

s make the job that’s bad you could even combine that with one of these extension poles. I have a pair of knee pads for any job that involves kneeling. Experienced installers uses these do all knee pads but have agreed on the tops of all the jobs I’ve been doing so chances are they scratch the floor so today I had to make do with reliable knee pads. You slip into your trousers assuming, of course, you’ve got work trousers with a relevant pocket in the knee pad they tell us before that so you’d be very wise to invest in a pair of these.

Now come to pretty wide variety colors but we worked out when we did the laundry floor that to get accurate a much as possible with our own Victorino floor in the hallway we would need to mix 2/3 of antique oak with one-third of ebony which we’ve done. Here again we’re improvising with an old car windscreen detergent container. The full tin of antique oak stain and half a tin of the ebony I’ve got the perfect color stain.

I’m ready to go now there are a few good rules to follow when you’re applying this color tone stain and I’ll come on to the rules that I’ve reached shortly, but the probably the main and most important rule is that when applying the stain it’s important to ensure an even color that you remove all on the excess stain from the surface with the cloth or tissue as I discussed earlier and if you do not remove all of that excess stain, the color tone will not dry properly so I start rolling the stain onto the floor I want to apply enough stain to properly soak into the floor and into the gaps between the floorboards but without leaving too much residue. And they simulated mohair roller sleeve is perfect for this and then use my small paintbrush to coax a stain underneath the walls, and into any tricky to reach spaces so that’s why only strategy work removing waiter wiping away the residue is to sort of taking it away with one side of the tissue so that it’s pretty much nobody left in the surface. And then I’m just flipping it over and giving it a light point with the other side of the tissue that’s being is removing any residual residue on the surface. One of the issues you have, when you’re doing this, is overlapping onto one of the boards you cleaned off just got a new way of doing this.

How to Stain and Seal a Wood Floor Part 2